"I take it the course is called 360° for a reason, it strengthens the mind the body and the soul.  I am going to take everything to strengthen my faith a better husband, father, leader, coach and mentor.”

“No BS, it saved my life.  I spent the last 6 months not sleeping and drinking heavily.  The Sunday prior to class starting I sat on my bathroom floor wanting to commit suicide.  I’ve learned healthy ways to cope and to start loving myself through 360°.”   

“Before this course I was on a very self destructive path with my drinking.  I haven't had a single drink all week and I plan to keep it up.”

“I really think we will benefit from this marriage wise as well as career wise. I do plan on taking this far, as far as living this everyday and adapting all the things we have learned, thank you.”

I thought it was wonderful. I learned a great deal from this class.  My husband and I have reconnected and have taken our relationship to the next level of trust and communication. The financial assistance was very beneficial.  We loved the yoga!!  All of the instructors were open and loving and relatable. There was never a dull moment.  I was completely engaged from start to finish. I wish I could say more.  I would go on and on.  I think the lessons taught and learned were invaluable. This is an amazing course, one that should be mandatory and implemented consistently and throughout all the branches of the military.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERYTHING!!! THANK YOU! -  :)

"Take what you learned right here and help…if we take care of the people we will get the mission done and I think you are well on your way to taking care of your people…"

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