Long Term Outcomes Assessment. 

In addition to the significant short-term outcomes, the 360° Program conducts a regular analysis to assess the long-term impact of the course based on the Kirkpatrick Model, an industry standard for evaluating training outcomes. 

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360° Evidence:

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Key Findings

360° is one of the very few DOD health, wellness, and resiliency programs with proven and meaningful outcomes.  Both an internal 360° analysis and an outcomes study conducted by an independent, objective DOD organization, the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) found compelling statistically significant outcomes using sophisticated outcome evaluation instruments and a study design that solidly attributed the improvements observed solely to the 360° course.

360° Program

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Long Term Outcomes Summary Report

Resilience and Prevention Study – Retrospective Outcomes Evaluation of Soldier 360° Leader Comprehensive Fitness Course