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Over 4000+ Service Members have completed the Leader 360° Course and consistently report:

"This was by far the best course I have taken since I have been in the Service."

"The course helped me understand myself better - making it easier to help my Soldiers."

"I have used lots of the 360° Tools already in helping my Marines."

"I loved it!"

Learn through doing
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The 360° Program restores, reinforces, and enhances resiliency, health, and wellness in military, veteran, and community leaders and their families, setting them up for success as valued leaders in their units, work, schools, and communities.

Healthy leaders are more effective leaders
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Proven results independently validated

The 360° Leaders Course is the only

DOD integrative resiliency, health, and wellness program with proven, statistically significant, independently validated, meaningful and relevant outcomes.

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At 360º we have learned that the biggest impact to prevention of  is a healthy culture.

Leader 360º Course is where leaders learn to create a holistic, culture of trust, respect and awareness. Our dedicated team is comprised of subject matter experts in diverse fields,  most of whom possess military experience as well. The Leader 360º Course uses a science-based, holistic, integrative resiliency approach designed to address every aspect of the Leaders’ well-being which will allow them to support their service member's help-seeking behaviors, and create a positive organizational environment to include spouses and families.

At 360º we believe . . . 

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Unlocking the power of the mind allows individuals to not only heal and recover, but also to push themselves to their maximum potential, and reach beyond preconceived, self-imposed limitations.  The 360° training program emphasizes individual differences, trauma recovery, and psychological healing. The course embraces traditional, conventional, modern, and integrative techniques. This includes meditation, relaxation, hypnosis, critical thinking, formal lecture, and guided discussion.


A healthy body is the perfect environment to ensure the continued well-being of the mind, and forms the foundation for overall health. Our approach to physical health includes managing stress, improving sleep, managing pain, injury recovery, improving physical training, nutrition, and preventative medicine.


Every warrior culture equips its fighters with knowledge, skills, and tools, but it is the human will that makes these things effective.  In the immortal words of George Patton, “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of the men who follow and of the man who leads that gains that victory.” Through our program, leaders learn to regain balance and hone their fighting spirit and draw it out of their troops.

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Relationship health refers to our ability to form relationships, interact with others, and thrive in social settings. This includes relationships at work, home, and away from home in recreational and leisure activities. 360° provides training in active listening, relationship building and repair, conflict management, anger management, team building, and cooperation techniques.

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Disciplined spending and delayed gratification are the cornerstones of financial stability. Our financial experts meet one-on-one for custom tailored consultations to assist service members (and their spouses) with goal setting, budget creation, spending habit analysis, and plans of action to reach short-term and long-term goals.

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