Mission and Vision

"Healthy leaders are more effective leaders"

The 360° Program restores, reinforces, and enhances resiliency, health, and wellness in military, veteran, and community leaders and their families, setting them up for success as valued leaders in their units, work, schools, and communities.


Proven Results

Independently Validated

The 360° Leaders Course is the only

DOD integrative resiliency, health, and wellness program with proven, statistically significant, independently validated, meaningful and relevant outcomes.

Did it make a difference?

the 360° experience

"Learn through doing"

Over 2000 Service Members have completed the 360° Program and consistently report:

"This was by far the best course I have taken since I have been in the Service."

"The course helped me understand myself better - making it easier to help my Soldiers."

"I have used lots of the 360° Tools already in helping my Marines."

"I loved it!"

360° Program

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